Our company was established in 2001 and back then we started producing crash protectors. After 3 years we had over 100 bikes and 3 types of protectors in our product range. The next step was to expand our production. We began producing crash frames and mounting stands. In the last three years we have been exporting our products abroad and we have started cooperation with foreign companies and bikers.

The company RDMOTO produces a wide range of products for the protection of your motorbike and for its design improvement. We have a lot of experience in manufacturing motorbike protection products. Thanks to our cooperation with racing riders, teams and professional bikers, we have an important knowledge of making and improving all our products.

Now our company has 10 employees and we are trying to make products for bikes, not only for our own profit! We focus on the development of our products and we think carefully about all the items. Together with people from racing teams that we support, we constantly improve our products. Last year we worked hard on new items for the coming season. Now you can see our extended production and new products that some of our customers requested. We wish you a lot of nice trips on your bike and we hope that our products will help you feel better on your journeys!